"Manhattan Repertory Theatre is one of the most intelligently run small theatres I've ever been in. It has been a great experience. " 
- Rob Corbett , Playwright/Producer - MAN CAVE -

What Playwrights are saying:

“We loved our experience at MRT! Ken runs such a tight ship, and he does it with great passion and humor. The 10 Minute Play Contest was a blast! We had so much fun doing the show multiple times, and Ken was incredibly supportive of the writers, actors and directors. He clearly loves presenting new theatrical works. And he keeps his theatre immaculate! He is also great with emails - very responsive and specific.

Overall a fantastic experience, and I hope to come back again!” 

- Pamela Weiler Grayson - Playwright/Producer - HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL


"You always make it a warm, supportive and professional experience." 

Matt Sanders, Co-Playwright/Producer


Samantha Proctor in Medicine

by Nika Tomljenovic


by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director, Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Did you ever have one of those moments where all of a sudden everything makes sense?  Where your perception literally shifts and you can see things as they really are and as they are intended to be?

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."                      - Steve Jobs -



Join the MRT Casting and Play Submission Email List


Seeking short play production submissions

(10 - 40 minutes, cast, directed and ready to be performed by August) for

Manhattan Rep's Summer New Works!

Manhattan Rep's SUMMER NEW WORKS  is created to showcase a playwright's work in the heart of the theatrical capital of the world

This Summer in Times Square!  

And we make it easy.

We supply the technician for lights and sound.  

We supply the poster and the ticketing pages.

We curate, organize and orchestrate the program with 3 or 4 other amazing short plays... 

And we supply our beautiful new theatre space on West 45th St. right in the middle of the of Broadway and more! 

Please come join us as we celebrate playwrights and the magical power of the theatre!! 


"Manhattan Repertory Theatre is is a great way to see your play realized. Ken is passionate about your play, and handles it with care as if it were his own. Talented, creative direction coupled with first rate New York actors and your play comes to life. It’s an amazing experience!"

Michael Terence O’Brien, Playwright - The Curb - March 2018


It's time to take responsibility for your work getting out into the world. 

Self-Produce your play at Manhattan Rep without all the hassle and work of Self Producing!

We will do it for you, and we will do it beautifully!

"Under the guidance of Artistic Director Ken Wolf,  Manhattan Repertory Theatre's innovative program whereby  they fully produce your play is a godsend to every playwright. Take it from someone who has used the service. 

One of my manuscripts was languishing in my desk drawer destined never to become a “play” because I found it overwhelming and much too costly to have it produced. And then  I came upon the MRT’s program designed to fully produce your play in NY. 

Being from out of state there was no convenient mechanism  to select a New York director, hold auditions, rent rehearsal space, coordinate rehearsal schedules, hire  a technician to control the light and sound requirements nor could I rent a theater for the ultimate production. The MRT production program overcame all that. For a very modest fee, Ken Wolf took my manuscript and brought it to life. I was impressed with his attention to detail and the fact that he engaged and consulted with me throughout the process in a most collegial way. And to think that this it can be done for a play submitted from any where in the world.

Our play ran for 27 minutes and used three  pieces of music, four sound effects and several lighting adjustments and I could not have been happier with the outcome. I strongly recommend that any playwright whose work is gathering dust in their “never to be seen” file, to do yourself a favor and experience the joy of seeing your  play produced. 

Albert Repicci - Playwright
Recent MRT Play production:
“The Promise”

Recent Review of Play Production Full Length Play:

MEDICINE by Nika Tomljenovic!

"This production was skillfully done, the simplistic style being exactly what Medicine needed." 

"Having had my play "THE INAUGERATION" produced and directed by Ken WOLF of MANHATTAN REPERTORY THEATRE in 2017 was one of the single greatest moments in my life! Seeing my play produced on stage in the TIMES SQUARE THEATRE DISTRICT with such high caliber performers was a dream come true for me! I am still over the moon with the professional quality of MANHATTAN REPERTORY THEATRE in the production of my play that will stay with me always and to which I will be forever grateful. THANK YOU MANHATTAN REPERTORY THEATRE!!"
Truly Yours,


Since being brought to life as part of our Play Production Program THE BIGOT by Gabi Mor and Eva Mor has been picked up by FIVE different regional theatres for productions through 2018!

For more information on this play:


"Without exception, Manhattan Repertory is a treasure to the theater world, selfishly devoted to bringing entertaining and thought provoking work for the benefit of a discerning public. You have my thanks and support for the excellent work you do...with your productions as their own reward. Without hesitation I would recommend Manhattan Repertory to any  writer to have their plays produced!

I will never forget the thoughtful and imaginative treatment of my play done professionally

Thank you forever."

Jonathan Brickman - Trumpeting in Shakespeake

We have been making it possible for anyone with a good play, and for an extremely reasonable production fee, to have their play produced at Manhattan Rep.  We supply the director, the cast, the rehearsal space, set and props, and we bring your play to life in Midtown Manhattan where one can invite friends, family, producers and literary agents to come and see it. 

And the response has been incredible!

Here is a sound clip of the talkback of Past Perfect by Rita Lewis from October 15, 2017 (again part of our Play Production Program which will illustrates the quality and the passion of the work we do here!

 Michael Buckhout, Playwright Jonathan Northover, Kevin McGee, and  Kamala Israfilova, the cast and playwright of People Like Us

Michael Buckhout, Playwright Jonathan A. J. Northover, Kevin Magee, & Kamala Israfilova, the cast & playwright of People Like Us


10 Minute Plays, 11-20 Minute Plays, 21-35 minute Plays,  

2 performances minimum! Fully produced!

Full-Length Plays up to 120 minutes, Fully produced for you! 

3 to 12 performances!

We now have performance dates available:

August - November 2018 for short plays! 

January 2019 - March 2019 for full-length plays!

In the past year, we have fully produced over 45 plays for Playwrights across the country and around the world!


So you have a great play, and you want to take it to the next level, and you can't wait around any longer waiting for a theatre to option and present your play.

For a production fee, we will produce your play for you for 12 performances over 4 weeks. We will work with you on the script if needed, cast your play, direct it, promote it, and bring it to amazing life in Midtown Manhattan at our theatre on West 45th St.

If you were to do it all yourself, it would probably cost you TWICE as much if not more - to rent a theatre, hire actors and stage crew, but because we have a theatre, rehearsal space, a great team of actors and creators, and a production system that works, we can bring your play to life for substantially less and you will have an absolutely awesome 4 week run of your new play in Midtown Manhattan.

If you wish, for a fee, you can have your Full-Length play fully produced by Manhattan Rep

(Cast, directed, and performed) for 12 Performances over four weeks:

Click below!



"Ken Wolf has vast experience as a playwright, director and actor. The depth of his knowledge about playwriting is illuminating and his passion and love for writing is incredibly contagious. His podcasts are a must-hear experience for any aspiring or established playwright." 

 Michael Zielinski - Playwright

"The Playwriting Podcast is a great learning source! The Playwriting Podcast should be required for all writers...those who are experienced and for those who are just starting out on their journey in becoming writers."

 Edmund Siejka - Playwright

Just Released!

Episode #62:




It is only with the Heart that one can see rightly.

What is essential is invisible to the eye!

- St. Exupery-

(WorldWide: Via email and/or Skype, Facetime, or phone.)
Are you stuck on that play you are writing?
Can't seem to finish it? Needs some help.  
With Playwriting Mentoring, you will finish that play and it will be awesome!

Looking for a place to hold your class?

Do you need a HOME for your on-going class or theatre school?  

Where there is available stock furniture, good lighting, a clean bathroom and riser seating for your participants in an easy to access Midtown location?

We are now offering Manhattan Rep to rent out for on-going classes and events! If interested, please email us at:

and let us know the days and times you are interested in, and we will get back to you! Please put " Rental" in the subject heading!

Danny McWilliams

as Donald Trump




Accidental Christmas Romance PHOTO.jpeg


The Accidental Christmas Romance by Michael Zielinski

Back left to right: Peter Quinones, Lisa Rabinowicz, Jennifer Rizzi, Silvestro Rubino, Assistant Director Cammerron Baits

Front: Director Ken Wolf


2000-09-08 09_27_04 (id) 7.jpg


Roma Pierro-Wolf