Seeking play productions


Seeking fully produced original plays (cast, directed and ready to perform) 

40 minutes to 120 minutes in length for 

MRTʼs SPRING NEW WORKS,  March 6 - April 28, 2013

at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC

Ken Wolf, Artistic Director

To submit your play production please email:

The complete play, 

a synopsis of the play, 

the running time of the play, 

the set and lighting requirements, 

the playʼs production history (if it has been produced before and where) 

and a creative team leader contact email address to:

by Wednesday February 6, 2013 at Midnight.

Please put “SPRING NEW WORKS SUBMISSION” in the subject heading.

Applicants will be contacted by February 11, 2013 as to their acceptance.

There is no submission fee.  NON-EQUITY ONLY. 

Each play will be given a MINIMUM of THREE performances. 

refundable security deposit of $300 will be required upon acceptance.  

For more information and complete New Works Spring 2013 guidelines




46 seat theatre space for at least 3 performances 

2  Tech/Dress rehearsals in the theatre

Our stock furniture for your show

Web flyers.  Web site support.

Theatre production consultation

Reservation Service, House management and Box Office


An 8 dimmer lighting board with 16 instruments

A 4 speaker surround sound system

A 5 CD changer with support for IPOD and Laptop

Clean, organized dressing room


Casting the production

Directing the production

Stage Manager and or Board Op to work lights and sound

Outside rehearsal space  

Program design and copies of their program

All other miscellaneous production costs – costumes, props, etc.

Inviting friends and family. (EACH CREATIVE TEAM IS REQUIRED TO BRING IN AN AVERAGE OF 10 PAID AUDIENCE MEMBERS PER PERFORMANCE - If the creative team brings in less than an average of 10 paid audience members per performance (a total of 30 for 3 performances) the security deposit will be forfeited - see below)

Each production must secure and/or pay for the rights for any published or copyrighted play where applicable. 

A copy of the documentation of the payment of rights must be given to Manhattan Repertory Theatre within 14 days after acceptance into the festival. 

If you are applying with a published or copyrighted play, please contact the publisher or author to see if the rights to do the play in Manhattan are available and affordable BEFORE you apply. 


All participants must be NON-UNION


There is NO PAY 

Please do not submit MUSICALS unless staged with pre-recorded music.  (We have no room for an orchestra.)

All Productions must run between 40 minutes and 2 hours with simple sets which can be easily struck. 

NO NUDITY. (unless OK-ed by MRT)

NO SMOKING in the play!

No LIGHTING OF ANYTHING! (Candles, cigarettes, etc.) 

No FURNITURE is to be brought into the theatre for any reason.  

We supply more than enough stock furniture for any show.

Props and costumes can be stored at the theatre for the duration of your run.

(You do NOT have to load in and load out every night like at other theatre festivals.)


Participants must keep space clean and organized and treat fellow artists with respect. 

Any unruly Creative Teams  will be immediately terminated from the Festival and their security deposit will be forfeited.

Any intentional damage to the theatre caused by a production will result in immediate termination of their entire production.


Ticket price will be $20.00 

(All ticket sales will go to Manhattan Repertory Theatre.)



We comp ALL Casting Sheet Casting Directors and Agents with business cards.

We comp reviewers from established papers with business cards.

All comps must be approved in advance by MRT's Director of Productions


There are NO personal comps. 


A refundable security deposit of $300 is required upon acceptance to participate in the festival.  This security deposit will NOT be refunded if any excessive cleaning costs or any damages are incurred to Manhattan Repertory Theatre during your performance week by you or any member of your creative team or if you fail to bring in an average of 10 paid audience members per performance. This deposit will be returned within one week after your show closes,  if you meet all of the above requirements.  Also, after your acceptance your deposit will NOT be refunded if your show is canceled for ANY reason. 


There is no videotaping during live performances due to complaints from audience members. Our theatre is only 46 seats.)  All videotaping must be done during your dress rehearsal.

Your play may not be produced anywhere between the time of your Festival acceptance date and your Festival performance dates.  Also, your play cannot be produced within 30 days AFTER your festival production closing date. If this guideline is broken, your production will be immediately pulled from the festival and your security deposit will be forfeited.

Manhattan Repertory Theatre retains NO  (0%) percentage of play’s future productions outside of Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

Please know that Manhattan Repertory Theatre reserves the right to change our policies at any time in order for the Festival to run more effectively.

If you have any questions about producing your play at Manhattan Rep, 

feel free to e-mail us at

Over 8000 theatre artists have developed their work at Manhattan Rep since September 2005. We hope to work with you this SPRING!


Jennifer Pierro 

Director of Productions

Ken Wolf 

Artistic Director 

Manhattan Repertory Theatre