So you have had this idea for a play and you just can’t get it down on paper, or get it into any sort of shape that feels right. 


We can help. 


As part of our new development focus at Manhattan Rep, we are offering Playwriting Mentoring, where playwright and Artistic Director of Manhattan Rep, Ken Wolf will work with you over 6  weeks to write your 45 - 90 minute play script.  


Each week, you will meet with Ken (or talk by phone, Face Time or Skype) to discuss, brainstorm and create the final rehearsal draft of your play. Playwriting mentoring also includes unlimited email support (if you feel stuck or simply need help.) You will be given writing assignments and exercises to grow your specific idea into a professional first rehearsal draft ready for the production process.




What you will get:

Weekly meetings by phone, Face Time, Skype or in person.

Unlimited email support and motivation.

Insights on what makes a play compelling.

Information and discussion on the best way to begin a play.

Insights into how to start writing, how to stay motivated, and how to complete your play.

How to create compelling characters.

Best practices for writing.

Best practices for editing.

How to write less words and let action and interaction speak volumes.

And when completed, an opportunity to move to the next level and produce your play at Manhattan Rep.



To register for Playwriting Mentoring, click here! 

Once registered, you will receive and automatic response confirming payment, and then within 24 hours you will receive an email from Artistic Director Ken Wolf confirming your participation with information on beginning the process of Playwriting Mentoring.

For more information on this program, please email:

I remember the first day I walked into Manhattan Rep.   In 2012 I had begun writing my first play.  Writing was not something new to me, but writing a play definitely was. By the time I met Ken, I had in my hands a 100-plus page play about immigrants called "Removal."

Ken took the time to carefully review my play and he gave me a lot of great suggestions.  Each week, I would walk into Manhattan Rep for another round of Ken's constructive criticism and encouragement after he had reviewed my script changes.  I ended up cutting out one story line while keeping and further developing the other, resulting in a tightly-wound 70-page play.

At first I thought I would need a bigger stage than Manhattan Rep's "black box," but Ken talked me into staging my play in his theater, and it worked tremendously well. Ken guided me through the process of hiring a director and stage manager, and continued to make himself available throughout auditions and rehearsals. We ended up producing a great minimalist play - a play driven by written words brought to life by great actors.

It was a great success and we got awesome feedback from the audience.  I can't recommend Manhattan Rep enough, and I can't thank Ken enough for his mentoring and friendship.  Anyone looking for help with developing his or her play, or trying to figure out how to start, need look no further than Manhattan Rep!


Chuck Conroy

Playwright - REMOVAL