So this is something we have wanted to do for years.  A play competition where there are only TWO BLOCKS, lights up and then lights down at the end, no sound cues, no props!  So the play is totally and completely about the script, direction and the acting!  No Pyro-technics, no text message sound dings, no Simon and Garfunkel Music. Just a good script, directed and acted well!  WHAT FUN!

So this July, Manhattan Rep is presenting their first Annual THE TWO BLOCK COMPETITION!


Seeking fully produced one act plays  

(cast, directed and ready to perform) 

7 minutes to 20 minutes in length for 

July 14, 16, 21, 2016

at Manhattan Rep, 303 W.42nd St. 




(And an additional 2 performances if the play goes on to the FINALS  on July 21, 2016)


To submit your one act play production please email: 

The complete play,

a synopsis of the play,

the character breakdown,

the running time of the play,

the set and lighting requirements, 

the playʼs production history (if it has been produced before and where) 

your mailing address,

and a creative team leader contact email address to:


by Monday June 27, 2016 at Midnight.


Please put “THE TWO BLOCK Competition” in the subject heading. 

We will contact you within a week as to your acceptance.


Plays that we love will be accepted on a First-Come First-Served basis.

The earlier you submit the better chances you have of being accepted for we may end submissions before June 27 2016, if we fill up all available performance slots.


There is no submission fee.  NON-EQUITY ONLY. 


Each play will be given a MINIMUM of 2 performances, with 2 more performances if the play moves on to the finals on July 21, 2016.

We will supply a technician to run the sound and lights. 


Once accepted, there will be a $30.00 commitment fee.

There will be NO additional security fees or Manhattan Repertory Theatre based production fees.   


Voting will be done by audience ballot with graduated voting of each of the audience members 4 favorite plays. There is NO raising of the hands, or a "Panel of Experts?” like at some other play contests across the country.

The voting is solely crowd-sourced and works incredibly well.
Once accepted, there will be a $30 commitment fee.

Lights up / Lights down  (You will be able to choose between a Bright, Medium or low light wash.)

No SOUND CUES.  Actors can voice anything they want.

No props allowed.

Costumes are allowed but no props can be attached to the costume.

If you have any questions about THE TWO BLOCK COMPETITION, please write us at