Every actor should have their own 1 person play.  A compelling, exciting  show that one can present again and again and again whenever one needs to connect with agents or casting directors, or simply whenever one needs to get up on the stage and share their craft.  

Having a well produced, simple, one person show should be in every actor's casting toolkit.

Here is an easy and exciting way to make this happen:
 Our Write, Rehearse and Perform Your Own Solo Show Play Production Program

Over 5 weeks, 

  • We will work with you on writing a compelling and exciting 30 minute solo show.

  • We will rehearse and direct you in your solo show.

  • You will perform your solo show for two performances at the new Manhattan Rep on 45th St.

Ken Wolf, Artistic Director of Manhattan Rep will mentor you on the writing of your solo show and then direct you to put together an amazing production.

The fee for this program is $1095.00

which includes solo show mentoring, rehearsal and direction, and two performances at Manhattan Repertory Theatre on 45th St. in Midtown Manhattan.


Ken Wolf is the Artistic Director of Manhattan Rep and the author of over 20 plays. He has also directed over 50 productions including Le Cygne, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Three Sisters, Tales of Terror, Men, The Match Game, and The Eyes of Love.

At Manhattan Repertory Theatre, since 2005, he has produced over 1000 full length plays and over 2000 short pieces.

As an actor, he has portrayed such roles as Vershinin in The Three Sisters, and Jacques in As You Like it, and Ted Fox in The Match Game.

His One Man play The People in my Hips was hailed by Martin Denton of nytheatre.com as being “unlike any theatre piece I have ever seen.” And Lise Avery of Anything Goes!! Internationally Syndicated Radio said “THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS is one of the most extraordinary pieces of theatre I have seen on or Off-Broadway in years. Mr. Wolf’s script is nearly flawless in its eloquence and is one of those rare pieces of work that reminds us of our common humanity. Mr. Wolf’s one-man performance is exquisite, inspiring, courageous and beautifully constructed.”  And, Ken received rave reviews with the amazing 7lb Morkie Roma Pierro-Wolf, in his play DAD AND THE DOG, New York City’s first One Man One Dog show.  

He is a passionate teacher and creative artist.