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"Manhattan Repertory Theatre is one of the most intelligently run small theatres I've ever been in. It has been a great experience. " 
- Rob Corbett , Playwright/Producer - MAN CAVE -

"You always make it a warm, supportive and professional experience." 

Matt Sanders, Co-Playwright/Producer -WELCOME TO PLANET COLLEGE-

Please check out all that we do here.  

Manhattan Rep is a unique theatre for new work in New York City.  

We are committed to the creative artist and to the magic of creation.

Jennifer Pierro and Ken Wolf, Co-Founders, Manhattan Rep


In less than a month, write and bring your brand new 10 Minute Play to life for two performances at Manhattan Rep!

with Ken Wolf, 
Playwright and Artistic Director
Manhattan Repertory Theatre

There are a myriad of theaters today that are seeking 10 minute plays. 
Isn’t it about time you wrote one and and see it come to life at Manhattan Repertory Theatre on West 45th St.

This 13 hour course, over 4 nights once a week, will outline the principles of a great 10 minute play and give you the skills to write it and bring it to life on stage at Manhattan Rep, all in LESS THAN A MONTH.  By the end of this 4 night, 13 hour course, in less than a month, you will have written a new 10 minute play and it will be produced for.

Topics covered:

What should you write about?
How to plot out a unique story which builds to an exciting climax.
The best way to create interesting and truthful characters.
How to make your dialogue roar!
How to begin a compelling 10 minute play.
Best practices for a dramatic play.
Best practices for a comedic play.
What to do with writer’s block and more.

Best way to direct a play.
How to work with actors.
How to add tech elements to your play so that they add depth and texture to your work.
The simple steps to write and to bring a 10 minute play to life.

Each participant will write one 10 Minute Play, and see it rehearsed and brought to life at Manhattan Rep for two performances:

Thursday May 25th and Friday May 26th.

Class Dates:
Monday May 1
6 pm to 8:30 pm (10 Minute Playwriting)

Monday  May 8
6 pm to 8:30 pm. (10 Minute Playwriting)

Monday  May 15
6 pm to 10 pm  (10 Minute Play Production)

Monday May 22
6 pm to 10 pm.  (10 Minute Play Production)

Wednesday May 24
Dress Rehearsal
6 pm to 8:30 pm

Thursday May 25th at 6:30 pm
Friday May 26 at 6:30 pm

Course fee is only $105.00 for over 13 hours of hands on instruction.
Class attendance is limited so register early.

Are you a developing theatre company looking for an on-going home where you can put up your work, yet you can't afford to pay monthly rent? 

Are you tired of bouncing around different theatres in NYC, putting up your work, dealing with new people, new problems and new logistics every time you produce a play?  

Wouldn't it be amazing to develop a creative home that you could return to on-going where you could grow your company and your artistic vision?

 If so, Manhattan Rep's Theatre Share might work for you.

We are looking for a few passionate developing theatre companies, to participate in our Theatre Share Program.  

For a reasonable fee, considerably less than your standard weekly rental at Midtown theatres, a theatre company receives: 

  • A 6 night (Monday -Saturday) Theatre Share  or a 3 night (Monday -Wednesday) Theatre Share

  • 4 plus hours a night

  • Once a month (or Bi-Monthly if you wish)

  • Full dressing room and place to store your props and costumes

  • Tech booth, Sound system and Lighting

  • Stock furniture to use for your show

  • A page for your company on our site

  • A place to leave and post promotional material at the theatre

  • A Monthly Eblast with all the plays and events forthcoming at Manhattan Rep

  • An on-going opportunity to put up your play, in our brand new theatre on West 45th St in the heart of the New York City's Theater District.  

If you are interested in creating a home on-going to develop your work in the heart of the theater district in NYC, please email us at





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Manhattan Rep's

How you can have your play produced in NEW YORK CITY!

So this is an idea that we have been kicking around for some time, but now that we have settled in to our new Theatre space on 45th Street, we are making  it possible for anyone with a good play, and for a nominal fee, to have their play produced at Manhattan Rep.  We supply the director, the cast, the rehearsal space, set and props, and we bring your  play to life in Midtown Manhattan where one can invite friends, family, producers and literary agents to come and see it.  And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

10 Minute Plays, 11-20 Minute Plays, 21-35 minute Plays

Fully produced for you

 2 performances minimum! 

Full-Length Plays up to 120 minutes - Fully produced for you!  

3 to 8 performances!


Every actor should have their own 1 person play.  A compelling, exciting  show that one can present again and again and again whenever one needs to connect with agents or casting directors, or simply whenever one needs to get up on the stage and share their craft.  

Having a well produced, simple, one person show should be in every actor's casting toolkit.

Here is an easy and exciting way to make this happen:
 Our Write, Rehearse and Perform Your Own Solo Show Play Production Program!


Jen Pierro in The Match Game

Working in the vacuum of a computer screen can prove daunting for one is often trapped within the box of their perceptions and beliefs. 

This “Playwriting Blog“ is designed to offer strategies and techniques for playwrights (and writers in general) "to get out of their heads" and write better, feel more motivated, get into that CREATIVITY ZONE, find more productive ways to complete a work, and to simply have more fun creating! 

(WorldWide: Via email and/or Skype, Facetime, or phone.)

Are you stuck on that play you are writing? Can't seem to finish it?

Needs some help.  

With Playwriting Mentoring, you will finish that play and it will be awesome!

"The point of theatre is transformation: to make an extraordinary event out of ordinary material right in front of an audience's eyes.  - Lee Hall -

“We loved our experience at MRT! Ken runs such a tight ship, and he does it with great passion and humor. The 10 Minute Play Contest was a blast! We had so much fun doing the show multiple times, and Ken was incredibly supportive of the writers, actors and directors. He clearly loves presenting new theatrical works. And he keeps his theatre immaculate! He is also great with emails - very responsive and specific. Overall a fantastic experience, and I hope to come back again!” 

- Pamela Weiler Grayson - Playwright/Producer -



Two Performances. 2 hour Tech/ Dress.  You get all the ticket sales.  

Check out our Summer Play Spectacular!

How you can put up your 30 - 90 play in Midtown Manhattan and make some money too!

Due to unprecedented demand, we are extending our New Works Play Series through June 2017!

Seeking fully produced, 
(cast, directed and ready to be performed by Late May/June)
original,  7 - 30 minute 1 act plays
for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's
March 15 - June 30, 2017
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 17-19 West 45th St.

Seeking fully produced, 

(cast, directed and ready to be performed by  Late May)

10 minute (or under) 1 act plays 

for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 

May 24 - June 3, 2017

at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 

17-19 West 45th St. (Between 5th and 6th Ave.)

Each 10 minute or less play will be given a short tech rehearsal, a full dress rehearsal with the other plays participating, a minimum of 2 performances, more if you series is selling well.

A play is fiction - and fiction is fact distilled into truth. 
- Edward Albee -

Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.  

- Meryl Streep -



See Roma, the Wonder Dog in her greatest role!